About me…

I am a pianist, mom, and teacher. This is not in order of importance, but in the order in which these roles fell into my life. I am a classical musician and play concerts throughout the US (and sometimes abroad, too); I am a mom to two adorable children, Noah and Ella (and also have an amazing husband who shares my profession); and I teach a group of wonderful students at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music. I have struggled quite a bit to juggle these roles during the past few years, and finally gaining some wisdom in embracing the challenges and learning how to balance mindfully. This blog is my thoughts on this sometimes-overwhelming journey that I hope to share with some regularity. Thanks for reading!


Minimizing distractions…

I recently listened to a Ted Talk by Cal Newport about the negative impact of social media in our lives. Much has been said about the unhappiness factor in comparing one’s life with carefully curated posts of others. But what really caught my attention was his point (and this is backed by research) that we, as a society, can have a permanent reduction in our capacity to concentrate on deep work. This is due to spending large portions of our day in a state of fragmented attention by getting quick glances at facebook, twitter feeds, texts, and obsessive email checking. (I even have my phone in my hand on the blog photo!)

So, I would like to take more time to look inward than outward, marginalize the presence of constant external stimuli, and grab a book, practice, listen to music, play with our kids, eat, and write, without interruption!

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